Everyone and Everything in our current self-created LIFE is a reflection of

Where we are right NOW! Where we should have a closer look! Where we are able to transform issues no longer benefiting us!

What mirrors back to you? Go on, have a look right now … Is it a person smiling? (Today it is if you are reading this!)
Is it a person shouting and screaming? Is it a pea
ceful environment? Is it total havoc?

Now honestly, check inside and see
what this mirrors for you!?!?

That’s a truly fun exercise….. Don’t you think????
When you look at this beautiful picture above what do you see? Is it the lake? Or the mountains reflecting in it? Is it the tree, but where does the stem start and where does it end? All a matter of FOCUS!
What mirrors back to me? LOVE #healingwithtales

Have an amazing day

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