Arising Moment 2016 – HT Total Surrender Replay


Dear friends from the Arising Moment,

It seems like a long time ago, or no time at all since we celebrated our NOTHINGNESS, together as one at the Arising Moment. Since we said our farewells I have been on an amazing journey of healing along the West Coast from LA to San Franzisko and all the way up to the Redwood Trees. And indeed I met some more truly gigantic Tall Tree’s there, almost as tall as our beloved Mr Tall Tree 🙂


Since coming back home, I have been confronted with some challenging times. Not that anything in particular happened! It is more that my Inner Awareness has changed so much, and my outer reality still seems to be the same way. It is a time of acceptance, slow integration, patience and taking time to plant my seeds. And yes, I have taken this moment to start the de-clutter process, which in itself truly is life-changing… just as Donno so stressed!!! I have decreased my entire wardrobe by at least half, including shoes and bags (which was a challenge in itself) … more to come…

At the Arising moment I made a recording of the channelled Energy journey, and here it finally is!  Thank you all again for providing the safe space and nurturing environment for this Energy Journey. May it support you on your Inner Journey forward.

Healing Tale – Total Surrender – Live at the Arising Moment

I look forward to connect and meet you again 

With love and gratitude


Martina Kreiner


PS. Some of you where interested in the monthly channelled Moon Energy journey held every New Moon …. here is the link for some more information, or simply contact me. <3

Monthly Moon Energy Journey